Hey Ecology! What should I read?

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I am going to grad school in the fall. In a nutshell, my project will involve estimating the predation potential of a largemouth bass population in the San Joaquin River, to inform scientists how much risk the bass pose to the Chinook Salmon that will be reintroduced to the river later this year. In general, I am interested in community ecology, and I want to know more about the metabolic theory of ecology, particularly after I read an article lead-authored by Ryan Hechinger of UCSB last summer. I have heard so much about the neutral theory book by Hubbell I feel I should read that as well. Please offer suggestions! Thanks.

-W. Kyle 


About aquaticbiology

I'm a person from the San Francisco Bay Area. I like reading, the movies, my family, and biology. I think the science blogosphere is really fantastic and this is my blog about aquatic biology and the life sciences - along with digressions into science-art and commentary. Enjoy!
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