Pictures from a Vacation

I’ve speculated about the possible connections between aesthetic attraction and biology before. I took some photos on vacation and I’m posting the ones I like best, including one of my former workplace. I think these pictures also illustrate an idea from an article I read a long time ago, that visual art is satisfying when it has an amount of complexity that is much like what is seen in nature (the illustration was a Jackson Pollock compared with a thicket), and the authors discussed a mathematical description of the pictures. Here are the pix!

Crater Lake

At Work

Wood River


About aquaticbiology

I'm a person from the San Francisco Bay Area. I like reading, the movies, my family, and biology. I think the science blogosphere is really fantastic and this is my blog about aquatic biology and the life sciences - along with digressions into science-art and commentary. Enjoy!
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