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I'm a person from the San Francisco Bay Area. I like reading, the movies, my family, and biology. I think the science blogosphere is really fantastic and this is my blog about aquatic biology and the life sciences - along with digressions into science-art and commentary. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to Variables

  1. GAJ says:

    Variables imply metrics and formulas. For a given set of variable values, formulas imply one right answer. Do fish choose?

  2. Great question, G! Indeed, most of the framework above would be properly considered parameters of a model that interact in various predictable ways – and yet, there are indeed inputs in the model that are variable in the sense you mean, such as temperature (although in fact fish do exhibit temperature preferences), and population density of predator and prey species, which has a stochastic component. In general, in ecology we consider environmental inputs as variables.

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